martes, 17 de enero de 2012

As long as I Love you

Oh, as long as I love you, baby
I can't stop crying, love
'Cos I know I will never got you
I'm too big loser to you

And if you don't see me despress
It is because I don't want to seems a fool
And if you don't see even the tears
It is because they are in my soul

Oh, I don't know how tom impress you baby
It seems like you don't want anything of me
Oh, this is a big shit baby
I'm just another leaf in the tree

As long as I love you baby
I'm trying to approach you
But I just simple can honey
I'm very scared about your 'no'

Oh, sweet lady, I'm sure
If I told you what I feel
You'll laugh in my face
And I hope this is real

Oh, you're in my deep dreams baby
And in my nightmares too
I can't call your attention lord
I'm nothing for you

Oh, as long as I love you baby
I only think about you
As long as I love you darling
I'm losing my own

Bueno, creo que la letra es bastante clara; habla de los sentimientos de alguien (en general alguien medio cobarde) a la hora de querer decirle a una mujer que la ama. Me parece que nadie que no haya sentido esto antes aunque sea un poco, no estuvo enamorado.

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